• infuse


October 2015

infuse update

KELVATEK would like to thank all the Distribution Network Operators staff who attended infuse 2015 at KELVATEK’s headquarters in Northern Ireland. The continued contributions and interaction by all the delegates throughout the event has made infuse 2015 the best infuse to date. The two day training, knowledge sharing and networking event has been a great success in covering the important topic of “Getting to Business as Usual”.

A special thanks to each of our speakers and discussion panellists for making. The presentations and case studies gave a fantastic insight into the problems faced by DNO’s when introducing new processes and equipment into business as usual. The feedback is already contributing to next year’s programme and the KELVATEK team look forward to seeing everyone again.


“The event was excellent, well planned, professionally delivered with super hospitality; all delivered in an overall friendly and welcoming manner. There is little scope for improvement!”

"The test network, whilst covering a moderate geographical area, amazingly packs in a very wide and diverse range of LV cable types and LV network device configuration scenarios along with the impressive 'fault explosion trough'!”

“Other than making sure the weather is better, I'm not sure how you could improve the event.”

“This was an excellent event particularly for a chosen, targeted audience.”

“I think this was very successful and not sure how it could have been improved.”